Controversial HoboHunt Android Apps Recently Released

Controversial HoboHunt Android Apps Recently Released

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

HoboHunt Android AppSynventus LLC wanted to get in on the photo-sharing scene,and has debuted its first app on the Android market.  HoboHunt is a photo sharing game in which users arm themselves with an arsenal of fun and realistic weapons to hunt their friends, family, or strangers.  Harnessing the power of social sharing, HoboHunt lets users publish their hunts automatically to Facebook and Twitter, and watch on the integrated map as hunters stalk their prey around the world.

Creator Joel Usher explains, “The game was conceived as my friends and I were always taking funny pictures of each other, or of zany people out in public, and I realized that it would make a great game!  We don’t have the patience to doctor up pictures with fancy effects, we just wanted a variety of awesome camera overlays to jazz things up.”  Synventus teamed up with pioneering social software developer Qatanga LLC to create the app, which proved crucial for implementing a strong social game layer.  The app publishes users’ photos to their Facebook and Twitter feeds, and awards badges and rank for their hunting activity and expanding their weapons collections.

The games tumultuous history includes being rejected three times by Apple for being too offensive.  According to Usher, the process has been agonizing, and he lauded Google’s open platform for giving fun, edgy games like his a vehicle to reach users worldwide.

Be warned this game is not for the delicate or faint-hearted!  Users must steel their nerves to hunt real hobos, strangers in the mall, or friends, teachers, and parents, as sweet crosshairs and an arsenal of weapons, sound effects, and images bring the hunt to life.  Check out the photo gallery now on!

Hunters on Android will soon be competing with iPhone users on a pending sister project, with users on both platforms rated on the same leaderboard, and able to browse each other’s hunting galleries in-app.  Says Usher, “We aim to create a vibrant, global, cross-platform community of photo sharing enthusiasts, where users can hunt and be hunted, and laugh with friends around the world as their map is filled with outlandish and hilarious hunting trophies!”

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